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Thread: From Manly to Tanana

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    Default From Manly to Tanana

    I'm fairly new to driving my boat and I was wondering if anyone had experience making this trip. I have a 16 ft jet and planning on going mid June. Any info would be appreciated.

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    You'll have to watch for false channels, snags, and above Squaw Crossing the channel can change from year to year. Your draft will be minimal? Won't have to worry too much about sand bars, compared to us prop jobs out there.
    You should be able to stay on the north side, as you get closer to Squaw Crossing.

    If the water is high enough you can launch out of the Manley slough, you'll have to put up with the occasional weeds if you go through the slough. Usually though the Tanana river launch is where you'll go. Last year the Tanana launch was pretty much a straight drop off pretty close to shore. There is plenty of parking, I thought, at the Tanana launch. The slough launch is much nicer. As of last Saturday the Yukon river was pretty high, at Tanana, I would guess that the lower Tanana and Manley slough would be high water as well.

    ****A lot of drift wood will be on the river, especially coming out of the Tanana into the Yukon.****

    Many people prefer to go up to the Yukon river bridge, just to avoid some of the sections of the Tanana. It's much slower an not as hazardous in my opinion. You'll burn more fuel though.

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    Thanks man, good and well appreciated information.


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