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    Default Fun Night

    Sat for the first time in my new elevated stand. Was rewarded by 3 last year cubs and mama coming in to chow. The cubs kept me entertained for over half an hour, while mama hid in the brush right behind my stand keeping guard. The cubs left, with the last one complaining about having to go. He wandered back and forth on the trails leading toward mama, moaning and groaning the whole time. His complaints died down, then I noticed movement near my stand... looked like a cub coming back, then suddenly the woods behind me erupted with roaring, clacking and moaning. The bear scatted out of there... Apparently mama saw something she didn't like! She kept that up for quite a while, then finally turned and went away, moaning and clacking as she went. (She never did come back in to give me the look I wanted... she was pushing 6 foot with a light tan muzzle.) 2 minutes later a little sow walked right in and started to chow. Not the big boar I was hoping for! I gave her a good hard look, but just couldn't pull the trigger yet. Its too early in the season, was too late at night, (work in the morning), and hopefully she'll bring in her boyfriend next time! She stepped out of sight for a couple minutes, then walked back through the station. She looked really nice this time, so I'm not sure if it was a different, slightly bigger bear, or if the light was just worse and I'd been thinking about fat ribs for too long. If she had stopped on that pass, I may not have been able to hold back!

    One of the cubs sported a beautiful white v, which he showed off while standing by my ladder and scratching his back on it. He rustled my pack around a bit, but left the important stuff alone, saving himself from an early demise.

    Nights like this are what I spent all winter and much of last summer daydreaming about... it sure doesn't get much better than this!

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    Yep, where else would you rather be? Cubs are the best. Their antics never cease to amaze me. Sounds like all your hard work payed off this trip. ARR

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    I have been pretty fortunate with baiting over the years. Those are the nights I remember the most even over getting something. I am taking my kids now and hope they get to see something like that soon. I have hours of video of just watching and laughing. Good times!


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