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    Ok Guys. I could not find a way to drop the Pics from the cell phone so I took 6 more from Sailor's Pit and the Bridge.

    The river has dropped a bunch, I am guessing 2-3 feet from Saturday when we ran the lower section.

    Take a look at the bluff photos as they are from the Camp Ground bluff. There is a new gravel bar where the good King hole use to be. I am guessing that we will all be searching for those new holes this summer. If it keeps dropping like this we will start renting rafts by friday and I think we will see the Kings coming through around the 18th. So give me a call if your ready to hit the river. Keep in mind that there are LOTS of sweepers and strainers in the river. You guys who are looking at a camping trip down from Sourdough, the bars will be very muddy for the next week as the water recedes.

    My daughter is working at Miles Lake and the fish numbers are low and she attributes treat to the colder water keeping the fish at the mouth of the Copper. She is the Fish Biologist in training so I think she may be on to something. They are tagging some large kings as this is a 5th year return, very few Jacks,

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    Some more!
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    Last batch
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