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Thread: End of July Fishing Trip

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    Default End of July Fishing Trip

    I just heard I will be in Anchorage for a work project July 9-19. I was interested in getting ideas from forum members on how to spend 3-5 days worth of fishing on a modest budget. Some basics about me:

    (1) I'd likely rent a car as that will be my only means of transport.
    (2) I need to pack light so camping via a tent, cooking gear, etc. would not work. As such, will need some inexpensive housing.
    (3) I've done combat fishing on the Little Su, Ship Creek, and the Russian River back in 1989 (last time I was in AK). I don't have a problem doing the combat fishing thing
    (4) Would likely rent some fishing gear as the 100 lbs test set up an Anchorage coworker helped me buy in 1989 is long gone. Not much use here in PA!
    (5) Primary interest is Kings or salmon in general.

    My thoughts were to drive to the Kenai penninsula and spend the money on a half day Kenai River charter then spend the rest of my time fishing from shore. Any ideas would be welcome.

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    Default July Fishing

    I would book a 1/2 day on the Kenai R. with a guide. Preferrably fishing in the morning vs the afternoon. If you can afford to book a couple of trips, it will increase your odds of catching a nice fish. I would hurry up an book your guide on the Kenai before spots fill up. You can spend the rest of your time fishing for reds from the bank.


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