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Thread: I have questions about watering tomatoes....

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    Default I have questions about watering tomatoes....

    I ended up losing several tomatoes to blossom end rot. I had fertilized with a cal-mag supplement but the tomatoes were still inside then and I was out of room so they stayed in very small containers. I believe that was the problem. Now they are in 5-10 gallon containers and they are very happy. My question is do I let them dry out between watering? I tend to pick up the pot and see how heavy or light it is and water accordingly. I don't let them dry out and I was thinking that might not be the best approach. Advice? Thanks!

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    They don't like to dry out completely between watering. In hot summertime temps they'll wilt quickly when they get too dry. That stress will reduce production and subject them to diseases etc. Tomatoes thrive on hot temps with consistent soil moisture.
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    Default I agree

    That is the most common reason


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