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Thread: seasport repower to outboard

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    Default seasport repower to outboard

    I am going to repower my 24xl from the 7.4 stern drive to a Yamaha 300. Anybody have any performance numbers with the 24' and a 300 outboard?


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    No performance #'s for ya but in my estimation you are taking out much more weight than the outboard will be...but there is still the leverage of the weight being much further back. As you already know the SS likes to ride low in the stern and this will be amplified a bit by switching to outboard power. At 600#s + a 100# kicker + a 100# bracket...there is going to be a ride quality issue. The 250 and 300 weigh the same from Yamaha so I would think the 300 is a better choice for lower rpm at cruise speeds. Overall the economy will be similar, it will open your floor to add a fishbox, and remove the problems associated with win IMO.

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    I have a 22 SeaSport with a 175. 4600 rpm 28 mph burning 8-9 gph

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    I have a 24 ft Seasport explorer with a factory installed Yam F250 hanging off the back. I cruise at 28mph at 4800 RPMs getting 2mpg (13.1gl/hr) in good water with a 15 pitch prop. I have tried multiple props. to improve performance over the last 2 years. Having that back deck space is the cat's meow. I'm the second owner and had I'd been the 1st, I would of put a 300 on it.

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    Doubt if you will have any handling or riding issues, after all that is what the stock trim tabs are for. Might be more economical to repower with a new 6.2 liter inboard. I know those 454's are gas hogs but the 6.2 liters are supposed to be pretty good. Just a guess but for a 300 hp outboard bet you burn 10-13 gallons per hour while cruising. Like I said, just a guess.

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    seeing if you ended up repowering your boat with an outboard ? how did it go what bracket did you use and what was the rough cost of the project.


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