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    so my sheep hunting boots broke, what i mean by broke is that the lace hook on the ankle of the boot busted, does anyone know a boot repair man that does good, quick work? or know if i could fix it myself? any info would be much appriciated.

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    Not sure about up there, but my lowas had the same thing happen to it years ago before I went plastic, and "Boot Country" here in Anchorage fixed it on the spot for $8 they actually did a good job and actually riveted all the way thru instead of seperating the leather to sew it inside. They put a brass one on instead of the copper one that Lowas had. Its still holding up and I still use the boots today for just day hikes since the sole have a little tread left. I'm sure there's a boot guy up there or leather specialists that can do it. If you'd like I can send u pics of the work.


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