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Thread: 375 HH Test Load Completed

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    Default 375 HH Test Load Completed

    Finally got around to finishing my test loads in the 375HH for the upcoming season, and thought i would post it up for others to use as well.

    Based on all my research i narrowed my powder selection down to three powders (based on availability): RL17, H4350, and IMR4350, combined with 270GR TSX. I currently dont have a chrony that is operational, so I based my research on others, and the loads my dad and i had worked up in the past for his 375. at the end of the day i wanted to settle with a cofortable shooting load, that was accurate at 100 yards (everyones goal, right?).

    based on past info, all my manuals, and some help/advice from others on this site and elsewhere, i was able to forulate a load for each powder:

    75gr H4350
    75gr IMR4350
    75gr RL17

    all of these loads were fired off a bench using a lead sled for maximum control and accuracy, out of a remington 700, 22" barrell, with a 2.5-8 leupold scope.

    after all the smoke settled, the H4350 was the winner for me. the load was comfortable to shoot both off the bench, and off-hand at 100 yards. i still would like to check the velocity once i get my hands on a chrony that is more operational than mine, to see exactly what the velocity of this load is. accuracy was great though, and the case showed no visible signs of wear. RL17 was a close second, and i believe could be made into an accurate load, which is what i hope to test next out of this gun. hope you guys enjoy, and this helps someone out down the road.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Quote Originally Posted by elkman55 View Post
    i still would like to check the velocity once i get my hands on a chrony that is more operational than mine, to see exactly what the velocity of this load is.
    The velocity verification (I like to call it the "truth syrum") is always an eye opener.

    I preferred 4064, Varget or RL15 with the 270 TSX in my wildcat .375-338 (pretty much the ballistic equivalent of the H+H.) These powders will normally yield the highest speeds.

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    Nice shooting and thanks for the info...

    Curious how you see the H4350 group as the best. I mean, actually, it is the best group dimension wise, but I always hem and haw when I shoot groups like that....two holes touching and one flyer an inch or more away. Compared to three rounds all within say a one inch circle. I always wonder if that one flyer was me or some unknown inconsistency in my loading or just a cold barrel....or maybe the two touching were the fluke

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    Thanks for sharing with others your report from the bench. The 270TSX out of a 375H&H is a truly great combination, and it has served me very well every fall up here for many years. Good luck with it in the field this year. BTW, when powder becomes more available, try is perfect for the combination you are working (at least in my rifle).


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