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Thread: The Gulkana Report May 28th

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    Default The Gulkana Report May 28th

    One word to describe the tame Gulkana........WOW!

    I headed down to Sailor's pit today and the river had reopened old channels that I have never seen. It is water bank to bank and into the trees. The trail down to the boat launch is the river and the entire gravel bar below the camp growing is river. As the river banks right down stream of the gravel bar/camp ground there is a new channel cutting back to the left!

    We were 80 degrees and the river cant keep the up for long. Has anyone been up past Paxon this week?

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    The first rafters of the season came down the lower Gulkana last night. Still at flood stage gut the bank ice is gone. I will be putting in one of my big rafts and doing Sailors Pit to the Bridge Saturday and I will take some pics. Stay tuned..


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    I would very much like to see what Sailors Pit looks like at high water. I have been there several times in late summer to fish and have always wondered what it looked like.

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    I will have pics saturday, stay tuned.



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