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    Hey - newish here. Been reading the forum for years and finally decided to participate.

    Tomorrow is supposed to be gorgeous and I'm going to head out in PWS to look around for Black Bears. Not really hoping to be successful, just truly enjoy being out there.

    Anyone see anything this weekend? How is it looking.

    I am hoping to get a bear this spring - it would be my first. I've lived here a few times and accompanied many other hunters to watch and learn, and feel finally prepared to give it a try. Any tips are appreciated.

    I'd also love to try by ATV somewhere but am having trouble finding good info. I can travel anywhere on the Southcentral road system almost anytime. Want come? I have a side by side and a wheeler.

    Maybe the AGL writer from Hope would like to swing along? Thanks for all the great posts over time!

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    Why wouldn't you hope to be successful?

    I've heard that PWS has been really slow so far this spring, although that could change real quick with this weather.
    There are a lot of bears out on the Kenai Peninsula now. I saw 12 last weekend just from the road system.
    Just get out there and spend time behind glass, you'll see some. (Although I wouldn't expect to see much in the middle of the day with these temps)

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    I mean, I'd love to be successful, but am keeping my hopes tempered since I am new. I know these things take lots of time.

    I've done tons and tons of fishing around the Peninsula, but never any hunting. Have any good tips on where to start on the Kenai?

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