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    Looking at a boat that the guy says he has run out of water for a very short time, I have been told this will smoke a Hamilton. Is there no worries or should I run?

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    There is a bearing that will burn up if you run it out of the water.....

    Get some information on what happened. Did he beach on a sandbar and turn it off or did he fire it up in the drive way.

    Then call Alaska Frontier Fabrication and see what they have to say.

    On the plus side, he told you about it. Probably didn't have to.

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    He said that he and the previous owner did it in the drive way but says it was just long enough to make sure it would start.

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    The manual on the Hamilton Jet says to "never" run it out of water.

    Alask Frontier Fab repairs them so that is why I would recommend telling them the story and see what they think.

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    Called them and the said it ok if you keep it under 30 secs

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    Quote Originally Posted by mooneyman View Post
    Called them and the said it ok if you keep it under 30 secs
    sounds good. what is it in....?

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    A 20ft almar pushed by a 351

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    Well owning a Hamilton 3 stage, taking it appart for inspection and cleanup of the leading edges, replacing the seals and reassembling, I would never run mine for 30 seconds out of the water. 1000RPM will smoke a dry seal and the cutlass bearings, that are lubed and cooled by water, right quick!


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