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Thread: Skandic SWT 550f

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    Question Skandic SWT 550f

    I know this is not the time of year for much activity on the snowmachine forum but if there is anyone with any comments on the 07 SWT. I would like to hear from you. My local dealer has a good deal on a leftover 07 550f SWT. My main use of a sled is for ice fishing purposes usually towing heavy tote sleds and running in anything from bare ice up to 3 feet of snow and anything in between. This seems like it would be a great sled for me but I am a little leary about the weight and size of the machine. If I get stuck I do not want to have to find a towtruck ! Also was looking for any comment on the 550f in a machine this large. I am not looking for a hot rod sled but would like a sled with enough power to play a little when the fish are not hitting.......... Thanks for your comments.


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    Default SWT comments

    I have own several and they are a very dependable sled. Don't worry about getting wont. If you can't go forward you just back up and try again. They are not a hot rod, but just a tractor like sled and they also have a suspension like a tractor.
    Unless you are doing some serious frieght hauling I would look into the Skandic TUV, 156" track x 20" wide, rides like a cadillac

    The SWT has one advantage in the spring being fan cool. Great machine for spring bear hunts.


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    I have a 600 SUV. Pretty hard on fuel, I hear the 550 isn't much better.

    Handles great, will pull a ton.

    If you're not going to doing mostly freighting or dragging trails I would look at the TUV 600 SDI. Will be better on gas, and will handle better than the SWT.

    The transmission shifts great. I havn't heard of many problems with the trannys. But I lost a tooth on a gear and that didn't do the rest of the gears any favors. These things must be gold plated! I havn't taken it apart further than the top cover. Just pricing out gears it will be over 900 bucks. I found I can get a reman with 1 year warranty for 1400. I'm saving up for that. Good thing it happened on the last trip.


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    Default Tundra

    You might look at a tundra. The big Ski-doos are tanks. I have a friend with a SWT. That thing is an absolute tank. The 20 inch model is pretty solid as well. If you aren't hauling frieght for a cabin you might like one of the new Tundras. I like to ride and zip around, but that little Tundra is appealing. Put gas in it on Christmas morning and ride it all winter.

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    Default Not a riding machine!!!

    These things ride like a tank!!! The seats are very uncomfertable. They suck gas like mad but you won't get suck and you can pull the whole house!!! Good Luck


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