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Thread: Whiskey gulch memorial weekend

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    Default Whiskey gulch memorial weekend

    Fished all day Saturday. Took the incoming tide north about 7-8 miles. Ended up by happy valley. Well we were comited then! Nothing to do but fish till the tide went south. I landed a nice 30 pounder. Had a couple other really good bites and released a ping pong. My bro in law hooked into a big one. He fought it for 30 minutes I even tried to assist by hanging into his kayak and letting the fish pull both of us. But the hook came loose just as we started to gain ground on it. Really slow fishing. We were on the water almost 10 hoursImageUploadedByTapatalk1369705541.989021.jpgImageUploadedByTapatalk1369705553.371824.jpg

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    Here's my contribution from Whiskey Gulch. Hit it Monday. One halibut, one irish lord, one flounder in 7 hours. ABout half of the time spent trolling for Kings.


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