Splashed the ROW on Saturday in Seward. Light to no traffic on the way down. Leaving early has its advantages. . . The bay was fog covered in the morning. When we got out to the gulf the fog was thicker and never did burn off, but became high cloud cover. The water was nice, less then 2' swells and a slight breeze at times. We hit arrow tooth at the first spot. Felt good to catch a fish. Flounders at the second and third, cod at the fourth stop. Finally started hitting the halibut and it stayed pretty hot for 2 hours then fell off. I had a bruiser on for 5 minutes, but he came off. Had to be 100 pounds! We kept our limit of 6 and released 4-5 more. Nothing over 30 pounds and most around 20. Great day on some nice water. By the time the late crowd started showing up, the bite was over. A lot of porpoise and sea lions to watch, along with 1 whale. Good start to the season.