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Thread: Trip Planning for 2014 and Tides

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    Default Trip Planning for 2014 and Tides

    I am doing some advance planning for a trip to SE Alaska in August 2014. The dates I am considering have significantly different tide fluctuations. (one week appx. 10 ft. changes and the other week 22 ft. with minus tides.) Do the tide differences have a significant effect on salmon and halibut fishing success? If so which is more desirable. Any advice and comments appreciated.

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    Can't say about SE because I haven't fished halibut there, but everywhere else I've been the fishing is always best with big tide changes and worst with small changes. The prevailing local theory is that the extra current moves food more. Works for me, cuzz there really is a difference.

    As for salmon? Nah. It makes a big difference whether the tide is rising or falling, but relative change is less important.

    I'd pose these same questions to the folks from the specific ports that interest you. General knowledge like mine is good for a rule of thumb, but it can be trumped badly by local specifics.


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