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Thread: Hike Black Rapids, Delta Creek

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    I知 planning to hike from somewhere near Black Rapids to Delta Creek. I知 carrying packraft for Delta river crossing and floating part of Delta River and Delta Creek.
    (I知 organizing most likely pick-up by bush plane with pilot I already know)
    I have below questions for locals or anybody with real knowledge:

    • First: how to get from Fairbanks to Black Rapids? I don稚 want to rent a car and just park it in Black Rapids for several weeks. I know how to get to Delta Junction, so ideas how to get from Delta Junction to Black Rapids will also help
    • I知 planning to stay couple of days first in Black Rapids Lodge and then float Delta River a bit north. Where to start the float? (I understand there are some rough water in this area)
    • Where to cross Delta River and start the hike towards Delta Creek? Closer to Donnelly?
    • Fort Greely military area: do I need some access permits or can I just hike/float into the area? I知 planning this hike for September.
    • Terrain: does it make sense to go directly to east over the hills towards Trident Glacier or more like north-east following a bit lower ground (and going into military area already there)?
    • In maps I can see some small lakes. Are there any fish on those lakes?


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    Why Sept? Are you sheep hunting? Where are you getting picked up at? The Trident is just west of three restricted military airspaces. You are (may-be) going into some very busy moose hunting areas. Sept can be a tough month for weather and rabid-crazed moose hunters who think you are trespassing into their exclusive hunting areas. All are well armed, some are under the influence.... August would be the best month, if you were going to stay on the high country route....
    As far as the transportation aspects, check with the shuttle/tour outfits that operate down that way. The Black Rapids lodge should know who is running the Richardson Highway past their should be able to get a shuttle ride through there...

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    U would go earlier, sept can turn into winter real quick. As far as transportation I would put out my thumb and catch a ride. A sharpie marker and a piece of cardboard usually works great up here.

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    Thanks for comments! Let me explain a bit more. I was in the general area already last September for moose hunting, 3 weeks fly-out trip.
    This year is "special year" for me due to my anniversary and I'm planning something a bit more challenging while I'm still "young".

    I/we will be doing moose hunting but walk-in/fly-out this time.
    Good points Pipercub, makes sense to hike by end of August and be at spot 1st Sep when moose season starts.
    And yes, I'll check with Black Rapid lodge about transporting part

    Anybody know about access to military area by walking/floating?


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