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Thread: Locker or not

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    Default Locker or not

    I have a 1994 Big Bear 350 i am thinking about putting in a locker in the front diff. I know it will make the steering harder any other drawbacks. Seems the only way to get full 4x4

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    Check to see if Warn makes a 424 disconnect for the BB. Then you could have full 4x4 and 2x4 when you want to lighten the steering. The locker will put more strain on your front axles and rob some power, besides that I would say go for it.

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    Worthy option in my opinion. Several times when I was stuck I would engage it and get off the atv and it would walk right through the mud.

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    Default absolutely

    Any atv without the lockers is surely not a true 4x4 and you are losing a lot of "traction" without it.

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    Default warn 2 4 2

    warn 242 don't go back to 1994 BB only to 1997
    as far as the power robbing i will be putting on an aftermarket pipe(HMF), new uni filter and jet kit next month anyway hopefully


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