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Thread: Anchor river silvers and kings

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    Default Anchor river silvers and kings

    Has anyone fished the anchor river last year. The numbers from fish and game would suggest that both species have been in decline for a number of years. It would be fair to say that the anchor had one of the best silver runs within the state a few years ago. Whats the real story ? Also I have heard unconfirmed reports that the upper river (above the bridge ) has some fantastic rainbow fishing on the fly rod . Is this correct , and if so ,is this a fall fishery or is it year round. Thanks

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    It was good in the past for early season kings when everything else was just getting started. Now only ProMoochers land fish. I consider myself one of the better nonresident moochers and I'd be happy with a limit on 2 tides.

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    As far as 'fantastic rainbow fishing above the bridge'.... U may be hearing reports of "steelhead" fishing above the bridge. They are frequently targeted there in the fall. The steelie fishing has been in a bit of a decline the last few yrs too.
    There are some 'rainbows' in the upper watersheds of the Anchor but generally not accessable or numerous to target them by the average fisherman. The Kenai R and the likes of the Russian R provide the best opportunity for rainbows on the peninsula. Even the lakes in the region would be better choice.
    Your sarcasm is way, waaaayyyyyyyy more sarcastic than mine!


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