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Thread: The tide has changed?

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    Default The tide has changed?

    I keep reading of all the troubles Alaska is having with their king salmon and now your razor clams.

    When I was a kid back in the early 60's we had more than plenty of king salmon here in northern CA. We also had great razor clam beds. Then came the decline and with it all the limited restrictions. I used to dream of going to Alaska to fish and dig razors. I saved all my extra money for a couple years just to make a trip to Alaska. It was worth every penny, I might add. I've even made trips up to KP just to dig razors. I thought CA was done forever and Alaska was my only hope. Now I think the tide has changed.

    The last couple years we have had a tremendous increase in our kings. This year the ocean season opened May 1st and runs through August with a daily limit of two fish. Anyone with a boat and a little experience is almost guaranteed limits. As a bonus, our razor clams are back! It will never be as good as Alaska was a few years ago but 20 clam limits are common. I even made a run for rock fish and ling cod this month and landed a 65# halibut. Some guys are targeting halibut only and doing very well.

    I absolutely mean no disrespect with this post. I just can't believe that Alaska has declined and CA has actually made a come back. If someone told me that 10 years ago I would have just laughed. I just hope we learned from the past and are more responsible now.

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    Good observations, and interesting question! I remember when things were really down in the dumps off the north coast. The good news is that it rebounded suddenly and with emphasis. Hope for the same here. Don't know whether to call it cycles, or what, but your fisheries were a lot further in the dumps than some here, but they came back gangbusters. Lotta folks need your encouragement!


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    The change in salmon production is pretty well in line with what was predicted with the shift in the Pacific Decadal Oscillation. That's not to say that there aren't lots of factors at play here, but the same trend has occurred in the past when the North Pacific cooled.

    Interesting times, to be sure.


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