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Thread: Aluminum (RIB) vs Rubber Hull for Rivers

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    Default Aluminum (RIB) vs Rubber Hull for Rivers

    Looking for opinions on which is better for running shallow water with obstacles (large boulders). I've heard that Al does not slide as far or provide as much lift as the rubber hull due to weight and therefore water displacement. I would assume the Al is more durable but patch work isn't going to happen on a river bank.

    Boat will be 14-16' and powered with a 60 head/40 jet.

    This is, of course, an inflatable...

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    I have an aluminum RHIB and do not think a jet would be very compatible. I use mine for a tender for the bigger boat and it has quite the "V" at the transom. How about checking out the jet rangers? They are designed specifically for a jet.
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    A 16' Achilles with a standard hypalon bottom with the 40 hp jet works great. Its an awesome boat and will go in really shallow water with ease. No boat is made to impact boulders regardless of the bottom material.


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