Well the "new" Hewes is goin thru a bunch of additions. I'm asking myself "self, how many hours and how much money can you really put into a 24' boat that was pretty much ready to go when you got it?"
Answer: a lot.

big difference working on everyone else's stuff I can tell ya that and less painful!

will take a bunch of pics & post em soon. We designed & fabbed a heavy-duty aluminum bow bow boarding ladder (for daily water taxi use it has to be comfy, solid, & safe) have almost 2 days into that. 2 x 2 x 1/4 box aluminum, sandblasted for grippy-ness, and hinged so it can stay out on bow while running; easy to pull off and leave in forward well deck when it's rough or leave at home for fishing.
had a bunch of guys ask where they can get one when I pulled up to the ramp with it. We matched the angle & tread spacing with a 6' stepladder next to the boat.

installed radar arch, radar dome, antenna mounts, antennas, ran wiring down thru arch legs; not too much fun but looks tidy.
Had to pull down ceiling panels to run stuff, riveted from the factory, I hate rivets! Replacing with screws.
Made new seat box lids out of 1-1/8 plywood, painted black; factory lids too "squishy" feeling & tired out, new hinges.
Rewired, moved one of the GPS antennas, trying to space things out so it looks decent.
Today install seats, order lettering (Quickwater Adventure), work on bilge pumps, wire/install radar display, not sure where yet, kinda short on dash room so maybe overhead.
Blah blah blah