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Thread: Fish/depth finder preference

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    Default Fish/depth finder preference

    Wondering if you guys have found much use for a finder running lakes an rivers? Never used one so I was curious how many run one on their freshwater boats.
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    I'm sure happy with a fish finder/GPS combo. Guys will tell you not to get a combo unit because you lose both if one goes out, but I just don't have that much space on the center console of my boat along with a VHF radio. You'll find a whole lot of uses for the GPS along with the fish finder. Everything from locating and staying on fish in lakes to track following on rivers. You'll relish it on trips to saltwater, too. We're on saltwater and mostly nearshore, but I'd sorely miss my unit if I took the boat inland.

    We have the Lowrance Elite 5, which is smaller but super accurate. Best news is the price on them has really dropped. I've seen them lately for under $400, though we paid well over $600 for ours a few years back.

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    Pretty much what BrownBear said. I run a Garmin 546S and love it. I do change my transducers between salt and freshwater though, I dont want to bang my Airmar TM260 on a gravelbar or snap it in the rivers up here, I use the transducer that came with it for rivers. For the price you really cant beat a good combo unit.

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    I have a Humminbird 787c2 combo GPS/Fishfinder unit. Works well for what I need.


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