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Thread: What is the King limit Cook Inlet?

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    Default What is the King limit Cook Inlet?

    OK I am not a Philadelphia lawyer. What is the limit on Kings in the salt in Cook Inlet? North of Homer what is it? If I am trolling south of Homer what is it? I have read the laws but there are EO's as well and I am a bit confused. Thanks for your help!

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    The annual limit for king salmon 20 inches or longer is 5 fish regardless of whether or not you are fishing north or south of Bluff Point.
    South of the Anchor Point Light, king salmon 20 inches or longer harvested during October 1-March 31 do not count against the annual limit of 5 and do not need to be recorded. (See page 18 of reg book).

    Emergency Order states, out of the annual limit of 5 for Cook Inlet, only two may be taken from the combined waters of Anchor River, Deep Creek, Ninilchik River, and all marine waters south of the latitude of the mouth of the Ninilchik River (60 03.99' N. lat.) to the latitude of Bluff Point (59 40.00' N. lat.). If you harvested fish from the salt waters between Ninilchik River and Bluff Point prior to May 1, it does not count against your limit of two. Also, this EO expires after June 30, at which time the annual limit goes back up to 5.


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