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Thread: Conditions on the ground in PWS (Knight Island)

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    Default Conditions on the ground in PWS (Knight Island)

    Much like majority of the folks on this forum, my sons and I will be heading out this weekend to chase blackbears. We are heading to PWS for the first time. Just looking for ground conditions from anyone that has been out near Knight Island lately (i.e. is it greening up out there....snow down to the hightide line still, etc...). Thanks and good hunting to all.

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    A friend called last night to say that it is still winter out there. Snow to the beaches and cold.
    Good luck.

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    Just talked to a friend on the phone who has been out to Blackstone Bay. Like bkmail writes, it's still winter out there. He's going out again tomorrow and will be headed to the south end of Knight Island. He's not expecting bears yet, but wants to go out before the Memorial Day horde, and will mostly be focused on trying to find kings, but he will be hitting some of his favorite bear hunting areas on his trip out and back.

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    I was just out there for a week and the south facing slopes are in good condition. I was not as far as night island but I was on the western side. Grass was growing in the flats and conditions were good for bears as long as there is good weather. We did see more than one bear but I recommend glassing all the south facing slopes. Good luck out there and I hope for good weather for you because we didn't have any...


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