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Thread: Razor 570 tires?

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    Default Razor 570 tires?

    Picked up the Limited Edition Trail Model Razor 570 for my wife. The 2 ply Maxxis tires are being replaced. Don't want to go over 26" and want a 6 ply radial tire. Mainly riding the wonderful Alaskan trails. Any suggestions?

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    Maxxis Zilla's are a great all around tire.
    They are super light, do pretty darn good in the mud and all other terrain. I know with the 570, power could and is a concern. Zilla's won't be much heavier than stock, but they do run about an inch short. They are a 6 ply tire and I think you could comfortably turn 27"s without any real power loss and still achieve a 26" tire.

    If not the Zilla's, other good tires for Alaska that others have been running including myself are mudlite XTR's, ITP 589's, regular mudlites, and Maxxis bighorn's.

    Now all the mention tires above will be heavier than Maxxis Zilla's so going with a 25" tire would be more desired. All will do good for Alaska as long as you're not purely doing muskeg, even then Zilla's and 589's do decent.

    Unless you are going to get into clutching(not that hard) sticking with the 25-26" range is wise.

    If you have anymore questions or give more specific on what and where you'll be riding I can try to answer more questions for you! Hope this helps!

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    I went with the 26" Mud Lite XL tires. Not many choices in Kenai. They worked well on the little trail by the house. It will test your rig and tires if you head down it before it drys out.


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