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Thread: The Gulkana River Report-2013

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    Default The Gulkana River Report-2013

    Well, it is time to begin the report, are you ready?? ICE!

    We are not seeing any real open leads on the river right now. I live at the Richardson HWY. Bridge and it is mostly ice with a small broken lead both above and below the bridge. I hiked into both Sailors Pit and Poplar Grove last week and there is no signs of any real break up at all. This will be a very strange spring as most of you know but don't stress out because summer will come and the fishing will be good!

    I am telling my renters and fisherman not to plan on hitting the Sourdough to the Bridge section until June 1st and wave off any notion of the upper section from Paxon down to SD until after June 10thish. Paxon lake is covered with solid ice and lots of new fresh snow. Last weekend Paxon got between 9-12 new inches of snow. Even when Paxon melts or blows out the real question is what does the outlet lake look like. I have motored down to the exit a few times to find the outlet lake plugged full with pancake ice. If you are pushing hard to hit the upper section call the BLM Glennallen as they do fly overs and will have up to date info on that section.

    Link:Glennallen Field Office
    P.O. Box 147
    Mile Post 186.5 Glenn Highway
    Glennallen, AK 99588
    Phone: 907-822-3217
    FAX: 907-822-7335Email:
    Field Manager: Beth Maclean
    Office hours: 8:00am-4:30pm

    Kings and Reds!

    Have any of you been tracking the commercial harvest numbers for last weeks opener? Really strong numbers so I am very up beat about out fishery!


    Copper River and PWS Drift Gillnet
    "The Copper River District opened to commercial fishing for a 12-hour fishing period on May 16. This was the first fishing period of the 2013 season. Waters inside of the barrier islands from Steamboat Anchorage to Coffee Creek will be closed during the fishing period on May 16.

    The anticipated harvest for this first opening is 36,000 sockeye and 1,800 Chinook salmon. This compares with a 5-year cumulative harvest average of 33,000 sockeye and 1,000 Chinook salmon for this date."

    "Escapement monitoring at the Miles Lake Sonar Station for sockeye and Chinook salmon returns to the Copper River has not been initiated due to a combination of low water and ice conditions."

    I have a secret for you guys...My daunter is working at he Miles Lake Station this year and I will have some good real time numbers for you once the ice is gone. My daughter tells me that the ice is very thick and they have plenty of snow. I will keep you posted! I feel like we will see strong King numbers this summer and with any luck we will have a nice long season. The Reds look crazy good again. Last summer we hammered the Reds from early July through early September. Lots of fish for sure!

    For you guys who are coming down in the next few weeks, stop by and lets chew the fat a bit. I will have my fleet of rafts and canoes ready to go by June 1st. We have added 3 more 14 foot rafts to meet the demand and sorry that I had to turn some of you away last summer due to a lack of gear. Its funny but when I was living in Kotz I had 15 rafts and I sold most of them. Now I am up to 13 rafts and I expect to add 3-5 more by next summer!

    Lines Tight!


    Gulkana River Raft Rentals
    mile 127.5 of the Richardson
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    Big News!!! The river is flowing below the bridge. Now I said flowing, not open! 50 degrees today and the breakup is about to happen! I will keep you posted over the weekend. The Copper is a mess so do not try to raft her yet either!

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    Will be there with a military group from Sourdough to the bridge 18-20 june. Hope the King run stays open. We caught a lot of reds last year on cheap flies. Did your clients do well with reds? If you are on our stretch of river stop by and have a beer. We will have 3 blue NRS rafts and a drift boat. If you float by a group of 12-15 folks who look confused, that's us.
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    The Reds are a hammer fest on the lower section from July 1st through Sept. Most of my Sourdough Groups are families so don't spill any beer on the Kids!


    Stop on by when you come up. Mile 127.5 of the Richardson.


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    Was wondering while camping along the river do you need a permit? If so were can they be picked up?

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    It depends on where you camp. The Native Corp owns all most all of the lower Gulkana (SD down to the Copper) above high water mark. So if you are camping below the high water marl you are on state land! From Paxon down to SD it is mostly BLM and State land so it is all yours!

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    Hi, any current gulkana reports? First time in the river in a couple days and excited to check it out. (Paxon to SD). Float report and any fishing advice would be great to have - thanks in advance !

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    Oh yes!!

    Lower section SD down to the bridge id doing well with early Reds. We are starting to see them is strong numbers. This morning I watched a gal hook and land a very nice king at the bridge. Water is still turbid but worth a fishing trip.

    Upper section:
    Paxon is hot with Lakers. Canyon is boiling with Rainbows and good fishing all the way to the West Fork. We have had lots of groups in the upper section this year and all have come back with plenty of good fishing reports.

    Gulkana River Raft Rentals


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