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Thread: another lower guy asking for help

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    Default another lower guy asking for help

    I was planning on visiting your fantastic state in 5 years for my 45th birthday, But a divorce has made it possible to visit in 2 years or if things line out better year!

    I am driving up and plan on fishing and maybe hunting a few birds. My question is what is the best time for silvers and even reds for my smoker. I mite be crazy but I like the silvers more than the kings. I also want to c&r some trout and greyling. I am coming up through Canada and then drive all the way down to Anchorage and want to fish as much as possible. I am planning on a 3-4 week trip and gunna be roughing it the whole way.

    so thanks for reading my long post, its just that I am so excited that i am finally going to live out a life long dream.

    only 2 more years and I get to spend 3 months in the best place on earth.....ALASKA!

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    hey dude,

    if you want both reds and silvers come up the last 2 weeks in july and the first two in august. hit up the kenai for reds and then hop over to the susitna for silvers. grayling can be caught in any body of water near fairbanks and rainbows can be had on many of the susitna tributaries if ur willing to hike. a guided trip for rainbows on the kenai is also a sure bet.

    Tight lines,


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    Better come next year. If you wait, you'll end up with a female friend, or worse, another wife. Then you won't have a chance. Try Crescent Lake for grayling. It's just north of Kenai Lake. You can hike or fly in. Grayling up to 19" can be had.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hunt-fish-trap View Post
    I mite be crazy but I like the silvers more than the kings.
    Don't feel alone.......for many the coho are their favorites.....
    Sheep hunting...... the pain goes away, but the stupidity remains...!!!


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