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    I'm looking to purchase a depth finder to be used on my jon boat. What I'm looking for is one that will read the depth consistantly (shallow water usually) enough at speed to continue giving readouts. I know some of them if you go too fast it will not register. Obviously I'm hoping to find these features in the least expensive package.. any suggestions? I'd even consider a used one if someone wants to let it go...

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    I am going to tread lightly here recommending anything but I have had a couple of what I would consider the lower end models. 2 different Hummingbirds and now an Eagle 480DF. The old Hummingbirds were a neat gadget but as much as I wanted to beleive everything they said it was rather difficult at times. So I upgraded from the first one and then again to the Eagle. The Eagle has a high speed transducer that works on the rivers to 50 mph that I know of and I have found it very usefull. Now when you get down to about 2' well it just blinks to let you know its shallow. They don't read in inches. I have had some difficulties with it out in the saltwater but since they sent me a new transducer it has been working pretty good. It is rated to 1200' I believe but I'm lucky if it reads to 600' if I'm on step. It also has some features like speed, water temp, voltage etc. that are nice if you don't have much for gauges.


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