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Thread: water level at pump station 2

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    Default water level at pump station 2

    I have googled this and unable to fine any information on this. Does anyone know where I can find this information? Going up the Ivishack this late summer and was just wondering. Thanks.

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    My guess is that you want to know how deep the water level is at the boat launch north of pump 2. I am also assuming you want to know this info in the fall. Typically you can find about mid shin to knee high...about 18 inches, unless it has been raining hard. It is always fun to spend a day just watching people try to launch in shallow water...some take just a minute while others can take hours...I have even seen people give up. It is possible, and not that hard, to launch a boat even though the bottom of the boat (with the trailer fully in the water) isn't even wet, let alone in the water.
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    You assume correct ,but we will be going their the last week of July/first week of Aug. Thanks.

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    Here is a link to the NOAA site where they have various streamgages throughout the state. It might help.

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    Thanks, helpful.


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