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Thread: Required gear for hunting near glaciers

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    Default Required gear for hunting near glaciers

    What do you guys make sure to take for hunting like this? Like what type of crampons, trekking poles, rope length, etc? I'm limited to 60lbs as this is a fly-out hunt and weight will be an issue.

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    100 ft of 6 mm blue water rope.
    Stubai instep crampons as minimum
    I personally run BD Cyborgs
    I use 2 BD contour trail treking poles
    I have a simplied harness made out of webbing. AMH or Beaver Sports can do it for you.
    three locking carabiners and two screwgate carabiners.
    1 90 cm Raven ice axe with 10 mm rope harness.
    I use my pack as a deadman if solo when I am crossing the face of an esker, a moulin or bergschrund.
    I trust blue ice and avoid rotten black ice like the plague.
    You don't use your rope and tools unless you have to. Be as safe as you can be.
    Avoid Moulins, areas of solifluction and Rock Fall. Try to travel on Medial Moraines. They are like highways. Lateral morraines are often crossed with game trails. Avoid crossing glacial rivers.

    Your best bet is to go out for a one day class at McCarthy. Again, I don't carry heavy climbing rope but just be as careful as I can be.

    Good luck.


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