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    We're is best place to get a dip net re-netted or buy a new net in the Kenai area?

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    I bought my last replacement nets from silvertip but they are out of business. The gear shed in Homer also stocks a good one.
    In and around Kenai you might try Donalsons. Other places usually have them such as Trustworthy etc. but they are usually more $$ than the commercial fishing supply stores.
    As for sewing it on Donalsons will have the twine and a needle to do it. Find a commercial fishing friend to show you the basics one time and you can do it yourself after that. I certainly wouldn't pay someone to do it. It's just too easy.
    I keep the needle and twine as well as a spare web on the boat. Works great for temporary repairs on the water.
    I have had a net get destroyed due to big fish and an old net I should have replaced. Now I check them before season and if something happens on the water I am prepared.
    Donalsons in Anchorage should also be able to hook you up.
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    B&J Commercial on Northern Lights between A and C in ANC will have what you need.


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