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Thread: Current Upper Kenai Conditions

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    Default Current Upper Kenai Conditions

    I was thinking that because it is such a popular destination, yet few of us live close, that we could chime in on the condition of the waters, weather, ice, sweepers of note, etc. This might be a good sticky? I'm looking to hit it from bridge to Jims on Memorial. Last year we had the river to ourselves-- well, us, the eagles, and bears... It was darn cold last year. Not excited to feel the cold off the water THIS YEAR... what with all the late snow and shiz... Thanks for any input.

    Colby Jack

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    Floated it a month ago. Water was low when I did it, but that was a month ago. I'm sure there is more flow by now. If you are in an inflatable no worries, couple of spots you'll drag, watch out in a drift. Weather has been warm. I did it at about 40 degrees and it was nice and sunny. Been closed to 50 lately.

    No sweepers or log jams to note. Just stay on the main channel during low water.


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