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Thread: Need Hodgedon H1000 powder. Willing to trade or pay top $

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    Default Need Hodgedon H1000 powder. Willing to trade or pay top $

    Desperate.......I need some new unopened Hodgedon H1000 powder. Willing to trade for 22 cal ammo or just flat out buy the h1000 off you. Whats your price? I need to dial in my rifle. Please send a PM. Thanks

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    There aren't many rounds in a can of H-1000.....!
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    True on that....... not many rounds in a H1000 can for a 338 Lapua. At this point I just want to shoot my custom 338 lapua. Spent the last year waiting for Hart barrel, KMW sentinel stock and Surgeon action to get in, then waiting on the gunsmith work. Now one year and 3 months later...$4800 without optics and all I have been able to do is stare at this sucker, it is killing me. Piss poor panning on my part not stocking up on the powder...wasn't expecting this shortage and for it to happen so fast. Like I posted above..desperate!!!!

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    If you can't get any here, I would go down to Arctic Ammo and get Sterling to put you on the list for some. When he gets some in he'll give you a call and if you still need it, he'll hold it for you.
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    Saw some at sportsmans warehouse in Soldotna this morning
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    I have just loaded up some 338 lapua rounds using US 869, I found the recipe on hodgens web site for my bullet type. I do have 4 pounds of that and may be willing to sell you a pound or trade it for something. I have not had a chance to shoot them as I have headed to the slope and all the bad weather for last few days I was home. Make sure you go to article ammo and reloading and check with sterling he will order you some H1000 just don't know how long it will take I am still waiting on my order from 2 weeks ago.


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