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Thread: Hiking Buddy Needed

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    Default Hiking Buddy Needed

    Hey, I'll be in Alaska for for a couple weeks this summer, and I'm lookin for some hiking buddies. I'm a fairly experienced hiker, and I'm looking for anyone who's interested in some good hiking this summer.

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    You're going to get more/better responses if you tell us where you'll be. Anchorage? Fairbanks? Elsewhere?? It's a BIG state, so location matters!


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    Default Hike

    I'm going into the Brooks Range this summer on or about the 8-15 of June for 30 days. Carrying 15 days of freeze dry and getting resupplied @ a mining camp air strip. Plan to cover a few miles but with the idea of enjoying myself. Wife says I'm crazy to do it alone! @ 64 but enjoy solitude.

    Would consider a partner. Must be a slow runner, in case of a grizzly charge ( I only have to out run you!) but promise to come back for remains ( credit cards, cash, car keys etc.) Grin!


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