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Thread: newbie needs advice for upcomming hunt

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    Default newbie needs advice for upcomming hunt

    Hello all, I just found this site a few weeks ago and hope to learn some valuable info from all who frequent this forum. I have a DIY fly-in moose hunt planned for Sept 5-14 in the Delta Junction area. I am from Wisconsin and was wondering what the best (economical) way to get meat home is. Do I take it to a processor to have them freeze it and ship it? I have heard of sending it home in boxes Fed-Ex. Surely it would have to be frozen first?? We will be flying in/out of Fairbanks so really any services between there and Delta Junction would be nice. What is the ball park cost of shipping meat to the lower 48?

    I have also thought about donating a portion of our meat to help those in need. Does the whole animal need to be donated or can I give 1/2 or 1/4? This largely depends on how successful we are. There are four of us going and if we only get 1 moose we will likely share it among ourselves but if we get 2 or 3 we will be looking to donate.

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    The most economical way to take meat home is to take is as checked baggage. What my brother does is mail his hunting clothes USPS and and takes the meat in 50LB fish boxes as your baggage. Even the airline fee for an extra 50 lb box is cheaper than UPS or FedEx. Bone it oout after you get out of the field to reduce weight. There may be someplace that will store your meat and some hotels even have freezers or coolers you can make arrangements with. You can donate any amount. Considering that the moose is already going to be in pices (quarters), its not a problem. Here is one avenue for donating: In the Fairbanks area, contact Hunters for the Hungry at (907) 456-7267 or email


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