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Thread: Starting to look a bit full

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    Default Starting to look a bit full

    Sorry for being blunt but come on guys. What is the limit for forums? Can we have a transgender hunting forum? Maybe a forum for dwarfs that hunt. How about transgender dwarfs that ride mountain bikes? Forum for that?
    Sub-forums are your friend in content management. They can be added and deleted without disrupting the 'Face' of the site.

    If nothing else you need to consider placing the advertisements in the actual forum that is being sponsored. No need to see that jumble of colors on the front page and they add to the length of the page making for a long scroll to view the whole page.

    Also the collapsing feature needs to be added to the Whats New and Youth sections.

    Lastly, I view webpages in Firefox. The top of the page for me has a large picture with OUTDOORS DIRECTORY.COM above it. My menu bar (Welcome Junkak, Notifications..etc) are overlaid on the OUTDOORS DIRECTORY.COM

    Love this site but can see it heading into a confusing direction of structure and content.

    /rant off

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    We built this site based on user demand (and in rare cases on our perception of user demand). Our recommendation for those who are finding more forums than they have time, is to simply click the "close" arrow in the colored bar above each grouping of forums (category). This will collapse the forums in that category and greatly reduce your scrolling time.

    Seems to be working for most folks; our traffic has nearly doubled in the last four years.

    We don't want to ignore your question, but this is one case where the larger number of members and their needs rule the day.

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