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Thread: Crow's pass in two weeks?

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    Default Crow's pass in two weeks?

    My buddy has done this hike in the past and I have not. We were thinking about doing it May 24th-26th or is this a bad idea? I am not sure how the snow levels would be out there during this time frame. We would like to make it a 2 or 3 day trip. If there would be to much snow up there during this time are there any other good hiking trails to do that we could make a 1-3 day trip on without a bunch of snow? We are located in Anchorage and are willing to travel but do not want to travel more than an hour or two.


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    It might be okay if you have skis, but I wouldn't try it on foot. Pretty early for any kind of hiking since just about everything goes up and up gets you into lots of snow pretty quickly this time of year.

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    Was up at the trailhead on the Girdwood end yesterday. Well at least as close as we could get to it by car. There's still probably three feet of snow on the road just after crossing the bridge. As the first bit of the trail climbs from there I'm sure it only gets deeper.
    Most of the trail systems I can think of in south central are mountain trails and they're all going to be pretty well locked up with snow for a few more weeks at the least.
    Some of the trails off the skilak loop might be pretty open by then but they're generally fairly short.

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    Crow pass is best done in the fall. With the late snow and cold spring we've had, I wouldn't plan on doing it early this year.
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