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    So as I was bored at work today, I started thinking about turning a cataraft into a kayak.

    Getting a drop floor, hooked up to the d-rings, a couple of seat bars to keep the spacing there... and a paddle, maybe with my 12' pontoons?

    Just something to be able to cut those smaller rivers easily, but with the flotation of 20" pontoon tubes and an inflatable floor...., at only the cost of an inflatable floor, a seat fixture, and a paddle.

    Anybody think of trying something fun like this?

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    You could actually do this with an AIRE Cougar. It has twin tubes on each side; all of them are the same diameter. All you have to do is replace the lacing between the tubes with a longer lacing, and perhaps incorporate some rigid lace-through floor panels. It can be done.

    With your pontoons, I would suggest using a 1' NRS cambuckle strap at each end, to secure the tips together (assuming they have D-rings at the end). Then make yourself three tapered floor panels out of marine ply or one of those lightweight synthetic foam sandwich panels. Make some slots in the panels so you could run your straps to the tubes (I would also run a separate set of straps straight across ad the D-rings, to set the floor on). To prevent flexing of the floor and to keep it all together, you could install a short section of aluminum I-beam between each of the three floor panels. It would all break down and go right into the airplane!

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    Jack's Plastic has one, the Pack Cat and Fat Pack Cat. I tried one a long time ago, it's light, although I'm guessing most modern packrafts are probably lighter than it nowadays.

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    Have a friend with a couple of the small jack's cats and cool small frame, that he will sale at a good price. Had SOTAR make me some tubes and used the frame on some small streams in russia. FUN!! still am a IK fan. Have a pac-raft type canoe coming soon. A lot thicker fabric and between 15-20# but can put a trolling motor on and set up for meat hauling. no frame needed. More info when they get her put together.

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    Yeah I was looking at a 10' drop stitch floor, went for about $200, built for an inflatable kayak. Gears are turning.

    I do not have D rings on the ends of those tubes, was thinking of making a cone for the ends, could slip the drop stitch floor into either end of the cones....

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    Who is building your drop stitch floor??

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