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Thread: Hike camping pack size?

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    Default Hike camping pack size?

    So I've been looking at packs to use for hike camping and hunting. I am having issues on deciding on what size to get since I'm just getting started in hike camping. I plan on any where from day hikes to multi-week hikes/hunts.
    I am between a 4800 cubic inch or a 6800 cubic inch external frame pack from Barney's in Anchorage. The 4800 has less outter pockets and doesn't have a main compartment divider like the 6800. I want enough room for my gear of course but I don't want to over kill it and add weight and bulk if not needed. Any input helps.

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    You're not going to want to use a pack that's suitable for multi day hikes and hunting for day trips. Sierra trading post has great deals on packs for day and overnight trips, but I'd suggest going to Barneys to have them help you choose a pack for longer trips and hunting.
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