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    My ice fishing in Alaska is officially over as I'm getting out army this year. It was a 1 and done for me even tho been up here 2 and half years. In Afghanistan 1 of those winters! But man what a year best ice fishing season in my life ( im only 23 tho) caught my biggest fish ever and multiple good sized pike in upper 20s lower 30s. Well anyways I learned SO much here excited to take it back to Pensylvania and get after the. Musky. Pike and Pickeral that loom there as I am way more knowledged then when I was younger. And very happy to be able to use LIVE minnows/chubs on end of line again Lol. Well this is getting long just want to say thanks it's been fun and blessed to even have the opportunity. Will never forget it! Well see ya on open water!!

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    Glad you got to enjoy some of Alaska's ice fishing opportunites while you could. Thanks for your service and good luck as you turn the page. Safe travels and big fish too ya!
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