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Thread: Whiskey gulch May 18-19 gathering

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    Default Whiskey gulch May 18-19 gathering

    There's upto a dozen of us who are members of the Northwest Kayak Anglers getting together for an informal gathering.

    We should have sit inside kayaks, paddle sit on tops, and a variety of the Hobie mirage drive pedal kayaks including two adventure islands, a sail plus pedal trimaran set up.

    Well the members have been generous enough that a few "gifts" will be awarded for top anglers. The bragging rights plus an avet sx will go to the combined total points for the largest halibut and largest king landed. Halibut is worth 4.25 pts per inch, kings 5 pts per inch. There is a method to the points. It's based on another online tournament.

    But really it's just for fun. If you ever wanted to try it but felt silly trying it, you can now come look silly with a group of us. We do ask that you have all of the proper safety gear. If you are not sure what that is...please ask!! I'm betting we will catch some nice fish.

    In order to keep up with any discussion including the weather, all we ask is you sign up at and state you want to participate in the Alaska section under the thread titled something like "inaugural whiskey gulch classic" found here:

    I think once you register, you have to make one post in the introduction section.

    Come check it out. Drift boat, catacraft, pack raft, surf boards, kayaks...whatever. I've seen it all.

    If you have any interest but have never been on Cook Inlet in a non motorized craft, I suggest you take a quick look at:

    It's my thoughts and experience on Cook Inlet but I would NOT call myself an expert.

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    Default Whisky Gultch this weekend

    This is gonna be an awesome get together for you Alaskan kayakers. I highly recommend attending this event if you want to learn about fishing Cook Inlet from a kayak, share some good times with like minded people, and possibly win some cool prizes. And it's a free tournament. Give it a won't be sorry.


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