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Thread: Wednesday evening dog training

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    Hey guys & gals.....Just want to say THANK YOU to all that have given so much effort this past winter. Doing yard work until your sick of it is what winter in Alaska is all about. Don't know if you noticed but we had some real nice dog work going last night considering it's the first real night out on grass for 7 months. I know I am sure glad to be out of the yard. Noticed my dogs were really up-beat last night too. Their effort was 100% better. Thanks again to all of you. Your efforts will put you on your way to having a good gun dog.

    For those that are not involved, you might consider joining us. We base out of Peters Creek and will be training from Point Mac to Eagle River this summer. It's a very deverse group of retriever and versatile dogs of all ages and abilities. Some would call it a mottley mix of mutts. From 14 week old puppies to Invitational level dogs. We try to get everyone involved at their level. It's free and you will get out of it what you put in. If you own a gun type dog, are interested in making your dog better in the field and willing to pick up your dog poop on the field give me a call. Don 907-227-4261
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    I know I was able to really push guy out to some loooong retrieves


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