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Thread: Cabin Renyal Bill Held Up

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    Thumbs down Cabin Renyal Bill Held Up

    Well boys HB165 (a bill to relegalize private cabin rental to big game hunters) did not pass this legislative seesion. It made all the way through to its last hearing in the senate resources committee and it has been held there by Committee chairman Senator Charlie Huggins of Wasilla pending consoltation with enforcement and dept of law. It may reappear in Jan. or Feb next session.
    So for this coming hunting season it will be illegal for anyone to rent a cabin to a big game hunter unless you are a licensed guide or transporter who preforms the transportation service to the cabin.
    We did the best we could this bill was sponcered by Rep Gabriell LeDoux of Kodiak and was supported by the Big Game Commercial Services Board ,Professional Hunters Assn. and many resident Joe Alaska hunters Thanks to you all who supported it.
    Rick Metzger
    Alpine Cove Cabins
    Deadman Bay
    Kodiak Is.

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    Default Bummer...

    Rick, sorry to hear it. A lot of good bills were held up and frankly I have not been too pleased with the efficiency of the legislature and how they wait until the last minute to get things done. Keep in touch and if I can fire off a letter to Huggins or anyone else, let me know. Hope you can get it done next session.

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    Default virtue of it's performance it's not the's the Sludge-islature.

    It seems Charlie is being careful by double checking with Dept of Law. This bill makes sense and should pass next session


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