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    The center console steering wheel on my boat is very stiff when I try to turn either direction, but straightening the boat back out is light as can be. Everything has been greased and lubed, and I believe the steering cable is practically new. I played with the steering on another boat just like mine and the steering was incredibly responsive.

    Is there a way to ligthen the steering and make it more responsive?

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    Question Helm?

    I had similar symptoms on my 18' center console. Luckily, it waited till I got back to the dock and then had a catastraphic failure. The steering helm on mine contains 1 sun gear and 2 planet gears, one of which froze up. There was no way to grease these gears and it was a matter of time.

    Unhook your steering cable at the motor. You can now tell if the problem is with the motor swivel or in the cable/helm. If it is forward, and your setup allows it, then you could unhook the cable from the helm and see which is stiff, the helm or the cable.
    I lucked out having it fail at the dock, when it froze, it was never moving again and would have made a fun trip back from Flat.
    I am now in the process of replacing both the helm and cable.
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    Thanks, I'll give it a shot tonight.

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    Default Had similar problem

    I just competed relocating my steering wheel from the front of the boat to a console I made near the back. I took my steering wheel and looped it around the console to take up the excess length. I tested the steering wheel before I mounted it and it was fine. When I installed it the steering unit and the wheel, initally, it was real tight. I loosened the nut that holds the steering wheel just a bit and it was fine after that. Something to consider. . .


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