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Thread: To anyone that will be near Icy Bay PWS!!

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    Default To anyone that will be near Icy Bay PWS!!

    I had a friend down near Icy Bay in PWS the last couple of days and he dropped his shrimp pots inside the bay a little ways. He went to check them later and a sheet of ice the size of Rhode Island " as he put it" came in and covered his bouy and he lost all 5 of his pots. We are hoping that it just went over the top of his pots and did not drag them to far away, so if you happen to be down that way keep a eye out for a orange bouy with Kelly Haug's name on it. Still 8' plus of snow and lots of ice back in the lagoons and bays.
    Any help will be much appreciated!! His phone number should be on it and also can be contacted on the forum
    Thanks, Keepin R' Wet

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    WOW. I can't believe there is so much ice still out there. We are heading out Friday night. Doubt we will be down that far, but if so, we will look out for them.
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    We lost two down that way as well. Bergs as big as the boat. Didnt want to risk going in after them

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    Depending on how his pots are setup they will probably still be there. I shrimp in areas with a lot of ice, too. I run two strings with about 1000' of line. My experience has been that the bergs will ride right over the pots. I have watched it. The flat sheets of ice with the slush edges are the ones you need to watch for. They can lift the buoy up and the slush grabs the line and the string goes for a ride. I think that the extra scope provided by the long line will help prevent the "ride". This has been my experience.
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