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Thread: 19 FT 4 sale with lift

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    Default 19 FT 4 sale with lift

    there is a 19 FT with lift 4 sale on thei web site see [cleaning out boat yard ]
    good luck

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    Thumbs up 19' 4 sale w/ lift....

    Sid's right .... someone wanting a Grumman freighter should check this boat out....if the hull's good, the thwarts and small braces can be replaced inexpensively with parts from the Marathon Boat Group, the current "Grumman" maker.

    A Jon Klingel lift - new - cost me $300, and was a fair price - it's quite well made....So, if the hull is in good shape, I'd think it may be worth the asking price of $1100.

    Check it out.


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