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Thread: Excellent article on sheep research in the Chugach

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    Default Excellent article on sheep research in the Chugach

    Predation not likely cause of Dall sheep crash in Alaska's Chugach Mountains

    Great overview by Rick Sinnott of the research Tom Lohuis has been conducting. Highly recommend the read.

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    I'm really glad Tom Lohuis is doing this research. I was at his presentation this winter and the details were really interesting. The article linked to above doesn't capture it all, but gets at the main gist of the findings so far - pregnancy rates seem to be the big difference between struggling Chugach sheep populations and those in the Alaska and Brooks Ranges that seem to be doing better. The explanation of that is the big question (or that is my understanding, anyhow) - whether it is freeze/thaw cycles, deep snow winters, range quality, nutritional deficiencies, or a combination thereof. It'll be interesting to see how the findings evolve as more data is collected and analyzed further.

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    21 percent pregnancy and 21 percent survivability, those seem like horrible numbers.

    Thanks for sharing the article.
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    Thanks bushrat. Fascinating read for me. Sounds like weather is the problem. Ewes are surviving fine, but really skinny. Poor pregnancy rates and lamb survival results. Population is down due to poor winters already. Kinda like the human populations as our census numbers are dropping fast here on the kenai. Last winter was the most snow ever and this winter was cold as **** with a lotta snow and never ended. Them global warming guys got it backwards. This new ice age is hurting sheep popsulations!
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