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Thread: Do bears bother your garden?

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    Default Do bears bother your garden?

    We have a large black bear population here but no grizzlies. Last night a decent size male ripped the entryway door apart trying to get to the dog food stored there. Luckily both dogs protested loudly from further inside the house. The bear rummaged around the yard for about 30 minutes then left when I opened a window and suggested he do so. Funny how the sound of a human voice deters them more than two large angry dogs barking at full throttle. Anyway, he left the greenhouse alone. There are only annuals and a few small peas and lettuce out there but I was wondering what would happen if it were full of tomatoes with an appetizer of peas, carrots and potatoes outside. I have had a bear eat my potted bulbs one year but all I have really grown up until now is flowers in a makeshift greenhouse. I have an unheated barn style this year and am going to go all out w veggies. I know it is mostly moose that plague Alaska gardeners but they are few and far between here. Are bears a problem? I have heard of them getting into freezers and animal feed. It seems like a garden might be a temptation. They also try to get into our smokehouse in salmon season but we just leave our chow/husky mix outside and back him up with a shotgun the second he barks at night. We only have fish hanging a couple of weeks a year and nothing is in the smokehouse now. Is this an isolated incident or the start of a potential problem?

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    Nothing an electric fence won't cure, at least for the garden part. I'd be careful leaving the dogs outside though
    Passing up shots on mergansers since 1992.

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    So far no bears.
    Like said, moose issues some years.

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    My wife once moved some iris in the front yard and fertilized them with either bone meal or blood meal . . can't recall which.

    A few days later a blackie was in the iris, just a-rootin' around like an old hog.

    Other than that . . no problems . .

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    The bear came back the second night and the dog ran him off. He didn't come back last night. My neighbor said a bear got into her garbage two nights in a row so I guess he has moved on. We will see if he comes back when the garden comes around.


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