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Thread: Knik River Cleanup

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    Default Knik River Cleanup

    I posted this under a boating thread, but thought it would be better here as a new thread.

    Next Saturday, May 19, the Alaska ATV Club is doing thier annual Knik River cleanup. They usually take out tons (literally) of stuff. Everything from gum wrappers to car bodies. They try to get to the entire river, not just the parking area.
    More info at:

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    Thank you all for your work, as well as the National Guard.

    But, frankly, I'd like to see an aggressive "cleanup" on a "different" level............

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    Default Working on that

    with the Knik River Public Use Area management plan. One of the key components is a set of what will be ticketable violations, don't have to try to convince a prosecutor that it is worth the time. Should stop the ruckus without affecting the rest of the responsible users. Unless of course you like to kill trophy appliances, use cars as campfires and such. It also funds more trooper patrols out there, even bought 2 wheelers for them to use to get out there.
    DNR folks will be at the cleanup, come on out and listen to their plans. It may take a couple of years to educate everyone but it will mean a huge improvement.
    While you are there grab a bag, fill it and get in on the free food and door prizes. :-)
    (unless the Greenies manage to stop the plan from going into effect)
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    There is a faster way off the mountain, might hurt a little though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike Echo View Post
    with the Knik River Public Use Area management plan.......
    Thanks for all your work with that, Mike.

    Did that Plan come with an outhouse anywhere?

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    Default The need is there

    and DNR is figuring out how to work the money.
    We will have porta potties there for the cleanup, might raise the demand level when people realize there is another way to "take care of business".
    Come on out to the Cleanup.
    Starts at 10AM, BBQ at 2, Door Prize Drawing at 3.
    Working out of the Pavilion Parking area just past the Raceway but will be a dumpster at the bridges.
    Bring in a bag of trash, get food and entered for the door prizes.
    There is a faster way off the mountain, might hurt a little though.


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