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    Has anyone here used a 338-06 in a 15-16" encore barrel. I am considering getting one made up and wondering if anyone has chronograghed their's? Thanks Tony

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    Tony, the 338-06 is a great cartridge in the Encore, but why stop there? Remember Rocky Gibbs, the wildcatter from Idaho that blew the 06 sholder forward (leaving a .25" neck) and sharpening the sholder kind of like PO Ackley did?

    Well, take Rocky's 338-06 (Gibbs) and add a rim, which is a definite plus with the break open Encore.

    What I am saying is, there's a new kid on the block shooting 338 caliber bullets in the Encore. It's called the 338R Cooper Express. Uses a 9.3X74R Norma or RWS brass (for the rim and it's strength). Fireform to 338 caliber and you have an honest 2800+ fps with a 180 grain bullet out of a 16" barrelled Encore.

    Contact Coyote Guns (Paul Dustin) as he has the only reamer in existance right now. Paul can make you a bbl.

    C&H has the chamber prints and is making the loading dies.

    THere's one 338R Cooper Express being shot right now on Kodiak Island, and my barrel should be here in a week or so. If interested, PM me and I'll share the guy's name that's out hunting bear with his 338R Cooper Express right now.


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